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Mind Pirate is one of the most exciting companies currently working in wearable technology… CEO Shawn Hardin says that “the potential of wearables will only be realised through thoughtful integration of hardware and software” – but, right now, “much of the mature infrastructure of the mobile arena” is missing in the world of wearables. The “myriad of unique sensor and hardware configurations atop increasingly diverse operating systems” makes it particularly difficult for developers to get started.
Red Bull
Mind Pirate has been selected as a finalist for the Red Herring’s Top 100 North America award. Since 1996, this prestigious award has recognized each year’s most promising private technology ventures from North America.
Red Herring
Google Glass and Oculus Rift ... Whether they realize it or not, the two are evolving in a similar direction. In fact, they are on a collision course for the ultimate prize: the birth of smart glasses that changes our perception of the world and forever alters the way we live in it.
Mind Pirate conceived and implemented Global Food Fight to highlight the power of their Callisto platform, a development platform that enables any third-party developer to easily build for smart watches and smart glasses. As an interesting note for any aspiring smart-device developer, they chose games as a test category because games, to Hardin’s mind, represent the most difficult category to nail.
I tried the game and you really lose yourself inside. It’s the most immersive Google Glass application I have experienced
Mind Pirate is using “Food Fight” to showcase Callisto, a platform designed for developers who are creating apps for wearable technology…
SF Gate
Perhaps this is how a new era of gaming begins as pioneers like Mind Pirate take advantage of platforms with sensors and touch screens to provide new kinds of experiences to players.
Venture Beat
Games and apps have often popularized new hardware, helping to familiarize consumers with the technology. Rovio’s Angry Birds demonstrated the iPhone’s easy swipe and touch features...
Chicago Tribune
Conference attendees packed one of the meeting rooms at the Los Angeles Convention Center last week to hear Mind Pirate CEO Shawn Hardin and VP Unni Narayanan pitch games for wearables as the “next consumer mega trend.”
AllThingsD wearable games will be micro-transactional in nature. Gamification of all this data that is unique to wearable technology is essential. It’s horizontal, not vertical. We can see this already with health applications. People don’t want to see a chart or graph of their heart rate. They’d rather play a game, test their stamina, clock their mile run...
A new incubator is offering developers the chance to create games and apps for wearable computing platforms.
Companies like Valve and Google believe that “wearable computing,” like high tech watches, VR headsets and Google’s own Glass tech, are going to be the next big thing in technology.

Now Mind Pirate, the team behind the wearable computing game development platform Callisto, has launched an incubator program to help developers create games for all this upcoming wearable technology.
A newly funded game development platform will take advantage of your phone’s GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, and other sensors to create game layers over real life.
Fast Company
Mind Pirate plays for games beyond the touch screen — Harnessing sensors, 3D tracking, wearable devices and games with a wow factor could transform augmented reality from cool technology to the mainstream within five years.
Mind Pirate Inc. has raised $2.5 million in seed funding to make games that take advantage of modern devices’ sensors and unique features such as gyroscopes, accelerometers and heat detectors
Wall Street Journal
91 percent of mobile developers are focused only on the touch screen and not the myriad other sensing capabilities involved in smart devices — a massive unexplored opportunity, according to one new company that believes future portable video games won’t be necessarily tied to smartphones at all.
With $2.5M in funding, Mind Pirate will chase wearable and augmented reality games
We believe that within the next five years, what we are calling ‘eyephones’ will replace iPhones,” Hardin told us. “We have a strongly held point of view that as the form factor, device capability, lightweight design of these devices move through very quick and iterative cycles, we think they’re going to become broadly appealing and deliver value in many use cases. We think the entertainment and game area is likely to be the first major breakout space.